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"Very often, we really do want to help the people around us however we can, but we get so focused on finding a quick solution to the external behavior that we overlook the real problem."

Francis Chan

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About The Building Project

Building up the local church through Biblical Cousneling

When you hear that a church has a building project you may think of additions being added, renovations, or even a new facility being built. But just as the brick-and-mortar work is important, what we do, as churches, to build up the church, and investing in the people that make up the Church is far more important. We want to see churches thrive in their ability to meet all the needs of their people, physically, mentally, and spiritually, by being equipped with biblical counseling skills and resources.
The Building Project exists to equip the church to care by means of training church leaders and ministry leaders in various levels of Biblical counseling skills. We’ve found that churches often deeply desire to help others but often feel ill-equipped to do so, even those in church leadership roles. Our goal is to partner with churches to see the body of Christ become effective in its ministry to those who are seeking counsel, who are broken and hurting, both in the church and in their communities.

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What We Do

We partner with local churches to offer whole body care, from leadership, ministry leaders, to anyone who wants to learn how to better equipped to care for those in the body of Christ. Unique two-day workshops are dedicated to equipping church and ministry leaders with various skills of Biblical Counseling.

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Blueprints Conferences

12 hours of intense and extensive training in the area of biblical counseling for local church & ministry leadership.

Leadership Summits

1 to 3 hour continued education for ministry leaders in the area of mental health and biblical counseling.

Pastoral Care

We are dedicated to the mental and emotional health of vocational ministry workers. If you are a pastor or missionary and need someone to talk to or work through some things with, please reach out to us.

Biblical Counseling

We offer biblical counseling to anyone, and that means anyone from any background, churched or unchurched. We also desire to be a place of refuge for those in vocational ministry who need someone to talk to.

Who We Are

Get to Know Us

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Rob Jordon


Rob created The Building Project with the vision and drive to encourage and equip churches to develop a healthier culture of biblical counseling and discipleship. Rob has been in youth ministry for more than 17 years, and just over 6 of those years as an associate pastor. Currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Industrial Psychology from Grand Canyon University

AA Biblically Studies - Ethnos360 Bible Institute
BS Bible & Theology - Calvary University
BS Biblical Counseling - Calvary University

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