Topic Summary


Standard of Care

Section 1

Topics include; Doing Good to All, Caring for One Another, and The Mind of Christ.

Understanding Care

Section 2

Topics include; Ethics, Conflict Resolution, Open Your Ears, Open God's Word. Practical ways in which we can show the love of Christ as leaders.

Practicing Care

Section 3

Topics include; Ethics Part 2, Open Your Eyes, Knowing God & His Word, Open Your Mind. Essential skills for those called to church leadership.

Conference Shedule


Day 1

Leadership Day

All senior church staff including pastoral staff, elders and/or deacons, and any interns or other church leadership should attend this all day intensive training.
Church leadership will go through all three major sections of the Blueprints for Caring book.

Day 2

Discipleship Day

All ministry leaders, small group leaders, youth leaders, or any other persons wanting to grow in biblical counseling skills should attend.
Church leadership will co lead day two covering sections one and two of Blueprints for Caring.

Cost Details


While many similar trainings range from $60-$120 we feel that this training is so important for church and ministry leaders we want to keep the price low enough for all to attend. 
Price includes participant guide.

$150 Deposit

We simply ask for a deposit to help our presenters with travel costs to get to your location. This deposit is non-refundable after travel arrangements have been made.

Deposit covers the cost of 5 participants.


Bluild Conference Resources


Blueprints for Caring

A Guide to Biblical Soul Care in the Local Church

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Blueprints for Caring

Participants Guide

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