Biblical Counseling for All

Pastoral Care

We offer Biblical Counseling for vocational Christian ministry workers; we are here for you. We understand the unique challenges and struggles you face and are here to help whether you're a pastor, pastor's wife, missionary or other ministry vocation. You are not alone.

Biblical Counseling

Are you struggling? We are here to help. Schedule a counseling session today and meet with one of our qualified biblical counselors.


What is Biblical Counseling?

There are several different ways Biblical Counseling is approached. Our philosophy here at The Building Project is that Biblical Counseling is for ALL people, no matter your background. We strive to create biblically therapeutic relationships without judgement or pressure for you to fit into any certain denominational box.

Biblical counseling is simply a form of spiritual coaching that stems from a Judeo-Christian worldview based on the teachings of the Bible. God's word has a lot to say about the human condition and is validated by many secular counseling and psychological studies and standards.